Why an Automatic Cat Litter Box is a Good Expense

For some cat homeowners, scooping up and cleaning up their cat's litter box is an terrible job. Especially for males, the thought of using automatic cat litter boxes is especially beautiful. Nevertheless, best cat litter box are a lot more expensive than the regular manual litter box, frequently charging at least $50 each. There's also a maintenance cost - some individuals report spending an extra $10 to $20 every month buying replacement trays. These self cleaning litter boxes are not usually acceptable for cat litter training. Below are some questions often questioned about these high-tech automatic kitty litter:

1. I've already litter qualified my cat, but I am getting tired of cleaning up the litter everyday. Can self cleaning cat litter boxes help me?

- Possibly. Automatic litter containers may scoop the cat poop into a separate compartment and rake the remaining litter to prevent cat urine from puddling up. You still need to eliminate the dirty litter everyone or a couple of weeks, and replace the litter.

- Cats tend to be rather picky creatures. There's a strong possibility that when you change their litter box, you might need to undergo the whole cat litter training process again.

- Some of those home cleaning litter containers additionally require specific forms of litter to work properly, for example a particular make of gem cat litter or clumping cat litter. Will your cat use this type of litter?

- Also, be aware that some cats certainly refuse to use these automatic litter boxes. In the worst-case, you might have to retrain your cat twice - once to once more, and use the automatic unit to return to the old manual litter box.

- You might want to buy your litter box from a store with a lenient get back policy, particularly when you buy among the expensive models. At the very least you'll be able to return it, if your cat doesn't like the new litter box.

2. I heard that automatic cat litters are noisy and may discourage my cats away. Is this true?

- It is true they tend to be loud. Some people are painful and sensitive to noise, particularly at night. If your cat goes potty in the middle of the night, the machine will activate. Based on your noise threshold and where you put the box, this might disturb you.

- Will kitty be frightened off? Honestly, that depends upon your cat. Some cats are just fascinated by these points, and will never need to use a standard litter box again.

- Other cats take a moment to get used to their automatic cat litter boxes, and might need to go through litter instruction again before they'll use these new self cleaning litter boxes.

- I've heard of incidents involving long-haired cats, where they get caught in the product and become permanently scared of using any type of enclosed litter box again.

- There are also reports of some manufacturers of automatic cat litter, where the design attracts cats to urine or spray on the sensors. Demonstrably, this easily damages the litter box.

3. How long do home cleaning cat litter boxes last? Do they get spoiled quickly?

- This is determined by your luck. There is no general agreement on any particular brand that is more reliable or less reliable than the rest. Many people used theirs for almost a decade, while others had to get back or discard theirs in just a couple of weeks.

- Someone did remember that the rectangular-shaped automatic cat litter tend to have less problems compared to the round or other odd-shaped boxes.

- Unfortuitously, price appears to have no relation to stability.

4. What is the best cat litter to use with these automatic litter boxes?

- It's best to follow the manufacturer's directions. However, most require possibly crystal cat litter or clumping cat litter.

- NB: Some owners find that the manufacturer's recommendations are wrong. If your litter box does not work very well with the recommended litter, you may want to experiment with a different type before giving up.

5. The maintenance cost is costly - how may I spend less? Does it use a lot of electricity?

- Some older models may have desired more strength, but the newer models are more efficient. You ought not notice any significant increase in your annual electric bill.

- The major cost is in changing the litter and the plate. Many automatic cat litter containers require you to obtain a new plate with some specific model of kitty litter.

- Some owners have successfully preserved a whole lot of income by re-using the plate. They also use a cheaper model of cat litter, although sticking to the same type, e.g. Then they use a cheaper crystal litter brand, if the recommended brand is a crystal litter.

More information is available here.

- Somebody noted that she applied small trash bags to line the tray - this allowed her to re-use the tray a lot more often.

As you can see, cat litter box furniture are not for everyone. For now, there's no obvious leader to recommend. You must maybe not make any changes, if your cat has already been litter qualified.


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